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About Me


  • In 2007, as I transitioned from being a small daily newspaper journalist into an historian, I began publishing Borderland Chronicles. As a journalist, I call the publication a magazine because I mail it to subscribers four times a year. 
  • As a historian, I call Borderland Chronicles a series of monographs because it’s meticulously cited history. I hope the folks who’ve subscribed for 10 years will call it good story telling.
  • Blending those three things is easy because the geography and history of Douglas, Arizona and Agua Prieta, Sonora is unique. My hometown is unlike any other place on the Mexican-American border because its geographical setting and history are unlike any other place.
  • I started writing Borderland Chronicles soon after I earned a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Arizona. I kept it up as I published books that are a pictorial history of Douglas and a biography of the amazing B.A. Packard.
  • I want to keep telling stories about this part of the world because they include a Douglas woman who became the first person in America who retained custody of her children even after her husband divorced her because she was a polio victim confined in an iron lung.
  • I want to tell the story of how southern California came to have natural gas because of one Douglas man who was far-sighted enough to take a gamble on a small company struggling in the depths of the Great Depression.
  • I think you’ll enjoy reading these stories in future issues of Borderland Chronicles. Consider subscribing as well purchasing some of my books; click on the Order page.